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Happening in Brookhaven the Week of August 21, 2016                              View as emailed here:

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Hello Brookhaven!

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m tired of meetings and burned out on signs, flyers, updates, websites,FaceBook and NextDoor Post.  I want to go on vacation, lay by the pool and forget about all of this just like you do, but we can’t!  Your voice is too important, your home value is too important, the quality of the life you and the community enjoy is TOO important.  So… here we go, below is your eagerly anticipated update for the week:

Character Area Study Meetings: 

Project Website:
Even if you have not registered you may attend and participate in the meetings!
Details for this weeks meetings:
Charrette - Brookhaven Heights - Brookhaven Fields, Briarwood Park
Monday: 08/22/2016 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
St Martin’s Episcopal Church: 3110 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, NE
Charrette - Ashford Park – Drew Valley
Wednesday: 08/24/2016 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Briarwood Park Recreation Center: 2235 Briarwood Way NE
Being Rescheduled due to inclement weather last week:
Charrette - Lakes District, Blackburn
 08/18/2016 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

City Council Meeting 
(7pm Tuesday 8/23/26, City Hall):

Connolly [DRESDEN DRIVE - Tag Office] Vote:

Rezoning Ordinance (ID # 2422): RZ16-05: SSP Dresden, LLC - Rezone from PC-2 & O-I to PC-2 for Development of a Mixed Use Building with 194 Residential Units and 20,000 Square Feet of Ground-Floor Commercial Space -
1336, 1342, 1350, 1358, 1364, & 1370 Dresden Drive and 2562, 2552, & 2544 Caldwell Road -Action Item
Application to Split Lot (for two single family homes):

Rezoning Ordinance (ID # 2423): RZ16-07: Livingston Homes, LLC - Rezone from RM-75 to R-A8 for Development of Two Single Family Residences -
1511 Briarwood Road - Action Item
1. Approval of August 9, 2016 Brookhaven City Council Work Session Meeting Minutes
2. Approval of August 9, 2016 Brookhaven City Council Regular Meeting Minutes
3. Authorize the Mayor and City Manager to Enter into On-Call Task Order Unit Price Contracts with Georgia Development Partners; GS Construction; Integrated Construction; IPR Southeast; Layne Inliner; Precise Development Group; Site Engineering, Inc; Southern HydroVac, Inc; Blount Construction; and Southern Premier Contractors for the Purpose of Performing Public Works and Stormwater Capital Repairs and Improvements Up to a Limit of $100,000 Per Task Order through December 31, 2017 with Options to Renew the Contract for Up to Two (2) Additional One-Year Terms at the Same Unit Prices.
1. Presentation of Peachtree Creek Greenway Draft Master Plan - Heath & Lineback Engineers - Public Comment and Action Item
2. Presentation of Draft Nancy Creek Watershed Improvement Plan - Sustainable Water Planning and Engineering - Public Comment and Action Item
3. Resolution (ID # 2443): Resolution to Authorize the City Manager to Negotiate the Purchase of Property Currently Owned by DeKalb Preservation as Greenspace, to Establish a Limit on Authority, to Set Time Limits and for Other Purposes - Action Item
4. Resolution (ID # 2438): Consideration and Approval of Resolution to Adopt the Renewed and Revised Service Delivery Strategy for DeKalb County, Georgia, to Include the City of Brookhaven and for Other Purposes - Action Item
5. Ordinance (ID # 2441): Consideration and Approval of an Ordinance Amending Article X of Chapter 2 of the City of Brookhaven Code of Ordinances - Action Item
Full Agenda Packet:

Town Hall:
Thursday 8/25/2016 6:30 PM 

No Agenda posted at this time:
Marist School- Woodruff Auditorium
3790 Ashford Dunwwody Rd, NE   Atlanta, GA 30319

Marta Update: 
Wednesday 9/7/2016 7:00 PM City Hall

Discussions are taking place in advance of the Planning Commission Vote on the 7th.  One resident has posted the information below on NextDoor and is asking if there is an interest in getting a group of residents together to discuss the current proposal prior to the Sept 7th meeting. She seems to voice many of the same concerns that have been expressed in the meetings along with the frustration that there are too many unanswered questions to seriously consider the rezoning request at this time. To respond you can access NextDoor here: or respond at and I will forward to them.

From NextDoor (Suzanne Heath):
Hello All, 
I apologize for the length of this post. 

I know I have some questions about the MARTA development and the hearing for the rezoning is coming up fast (17 days away). Does anyone else think we need to get together as a community and address some of the items on which we may have a common concern? The items below are my main concerns, but others may have different issues and it’s important that we speak now, before we are stuck with the plans as is. 

Tax abatement – I always thought a city/county offered tax abatements as a way to lure business to an area when there were other locations they might move to without that incentive. In this instance, where is MARTA going to go? What is the benefit to the city and community to offer such a gift to the developer? Since we, the taxpayers, will be on the hook for any impact to the sewer system not on their property (see note below) and increases in costs to provide security for a large development I am having trouble understanding why our city would even consider this. 
Sewer note – The sewer system is managed by Dekalb County and per the article on the Brookhaven Post “The County says that based on collected flow data, “sanitary sewer capacity may be available for the subject property at this time.” However, the County notes the determination of available capacity expressed is not guaranteed because it is “based upon the known conditions as of the date of this correspondence and on the provided anticipated capacity needs associated with the project.” 
The County further states in the event sewer system infrastructure improvements are required to accommodate the “new flow contribution and ensure adequate sewer system capacity as a result of development on the referenced property, the developer will be responsible for the cost associated with installing any such improvements to the existing sewer system infrastructure.”” As I understand it this applies only to the upgrades on their property. Should this development be the straw that breaks the sewer pipe’s back, we the taxpayers, will be responsible for everything going from their property to the main connection which is near I-85. If they get their tax abatement it’s 100% on us. 

Parking – I have many concerns and questions on this item. All parking for the development (other than the hotel) is on the residential side of the development. All parking enters and exists from either Dresden or Apple Valley. Per their site plan they note the following. 

• 50 spaces surface parking (this is likely the retail spaces on the pervious pavers surrounding the green) 
• 1,996 spaces in three parking decks 
• 50 on-street parking (they have included on-street parking on Apple Valley so those may be the spaces they are counting here) 

This provides a total of 2,096 parking spaces. If you break down the amounts they noted that are required per zoning the parking breaks down as follows: 

• 688 spaces for commercial (office building parking) 
• 105 spaces for retail 
• 196 spaces for restaurant 
• 560 spaces for MARTA (may be shared in off peak hours) 

This leaves an average of 1.358318 spaces for each of the residential units. Does a smart car count as .358318 of a normal car? 

The MARTA parking deck is the furthest deck from the station entrance. 

The office, retail, and restaurant parking deck will be a right only in off of Dresden using the current curb cut right after the rail tracks. It will also be a right only out on Dresden. So when all the people leave the development they have to either proceed down Dresden to Apple Valley and circle the development to return to Peachtree or they will be cutting through our neighborhood to get to whatever egress gets them closest to their destination. 

Consider the traffic back up on Dresden at afternoon rush hour now and add in (per the spaces noted just for commercial) 688 more cars exiting that deck during that period. This does not take into account the cars exiting the MARTA parking deck from commuters arriving to pick up their cars. To make this a bit trickier part of the traffic improvement plans is to reduce the number of eastbound lanes on Dresden for the section from Peachtree to Apple Valley from two to one. This means that if you are trying to turn left from Peachtree onto Dresden you will have to make a sharper turn and will have to deal with the slow down for traffic turning into the MARTA garage as well as the traffic turning out. 

In addition there are no improvements noted on the corner of Apple Valley and Dresden to reduce the problem of the fact that MARTA busses can’t make that turn as it exists now. This plan takes away the second eastbound lane that they used to make it a wider turn. When there are several cars stacked at that intersection now it’s very difficult to make room and to get everyone to back up and get out of the way. What happens when we have additional traffic from the residences in the development with only single lane from which the busses can turn? 

MARTA’s version of Krog Street Market at the end of Peachtree View and Apple Valley – Although I am sure I will enjoy the new restaurants, I have concerns about the noise that will be spilling out from the building and the rooftop dining/bar area. I live close enough to MARTA to hear the trains arrive and depart and I already get the benefit of the live music when they have it at the restaurants on Dresden. I’m not really looking forward to competing tunes when trying to enjoy my deck. But more importantly how will this impact our neighbors who live directly across from this in the townhomes that are already there. MARTA has said it is impossible to move the food hall to the interior of the development. Perhaps they might consider making the building completely 2 stories (its split right now) and instead of having rooftop dining offer a balcony that faces the green instead. That would at least help reduce the level of noise coming from this building. 

Special Land Use Disturbance Permit – MARTA is getting two additional stories on the building on Peachtree by using the “bonuses” they get for providing 20% green space and workforce/senior housing. This takes the office building from six stories to eight. However, they want to get a special land use permit to increase the overall height beyond the 100 ft. allowed with the bonuses to 125 ft. 

The two six story apartment buildings flanking the green space (keep in mind the green space is roughly the size of two Clack’s corners) strike me as imposing. I have had it pointed out to me that the pervious pavers (which count as green space) enlarge that area so this shouldn’t be a concern, but I still have questions and concerns over how this will look in the end. 

Per MARTA the owned units (townhomes / condo’s) won’t be built until phase two of the project. I don’t see them at all in the current plan which may be because they won’t be built anytime in the near future. What is the guarantee that these will ever be built? What is our guarantee that they won’t become another office, apartment, or retail building in a later request? 

Hotel – There is not much information provided on this item. I was unable to find this at all in the current site plan as submitted. It looks like they have two different images for office buildings on Peachtree which was what their original plans called for, but I don’t see any information on the Hotel. What has been mentioned in the meetings is that it will be 125 rooms and on the North Druid Hills/Peachtree corner. I have more questions and no answers to parking, height, and design. 

Storm water issues - I’m not even sure where to begin with this one as it is outside my scope of knowledge. I do know from posting this week on Nextdoor that we do have issues with flooding in our neighborhood and there are people who have good knowledge about storm water issues who are not yet satisfied with the answers they have received to their questions. 

Design/Style – At the last meeting MARTA was still working on the design and style of the buildings in the development. 

Overall I think there are a number of questions and concerns that still need to be addressed and I believe it is our responsibility to speak up and make sure that our voices are heard and hopefully there can be a meeting of the minds to get this right as it will have a major impact on our neighborhood, our community, and our property values. 

What do you think?

Additional information to note:
From Brookhaven Post / Application to the City: 
Included in the rezoning application packet MARTA filed, there is a Transportation Analysis Study enclosed. The study (Table 6) shows the Gross Project Trip Generation will produce 10,751 trips per day – 5,376 Entering and 5,376 Exiting. The chart shows estimated trip generation numbers and reduced trip generation numbers, as it is expected some of the trip counts will be lowered because of transit use or reductions because of the nature of a TOD.


Other Items:

Green Space: Action Item at this weeks City Council Meeting!!! We are looking at acquiring new greenspace for the city – ALWAYS A GOOD THING! 
Police Community Meeting:  Advertised as an event with no agenda – just an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns and get to know our police officers.
Date: Thursday 08/25/2016, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Location: Chamblee First United Methodist Church, 4147 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Chamber of Commerce Bowling event:
Monday 8/22/16

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