Students become Guerrilla Gardeners!

Want to help beautify Buford Highway? I found some Cross Keys High School students that want to!

One of our local resident teachers and some awesome students from Cross Keys are making a difference and would love your help!

I asked their teacher Rebekah Cohen Morris what others could do to help with this great project and she suggested the following:

"Bring flowers/plants that can tolerate heat and if they have any ideas for guerilla gardens (like the tire idea, for example) then that works too. Mulch is always appreciated 😊 And if they just want to go out there and garden, then that works too! It's all about figuring out how to take ownership of your community and encourage local governments/businesses to do the same thing, just in a bigger and more sustainable way."

The class website for The BuHi Project is and you can follow them follow on FB or Instagram at "The BuHi Project".

They are currently meeting on Fridays thru June and July but as another member of the team, Kelly Livingston says; " I'm sure Rebekah would tell you that you are welcome to do your own Guerilla gardening anywhere you see in your community that needs some sprucing up and beautification'

This is the type of fantastic ideas and efforts that make Brookhaven the best place to live. Grab your gloves and plant something! 

Check out the article about them:

More about the Guerrilla Gardening movement:

Great things happening in Brookhaven, GA