What is the issue?

The airport management has plans to sell the Ashford Forest for development. The neighborhoods of North DeKalb want to see this land retained as a Permanent Passive Green Space.

Why should I care?

Green space provides:

Noise buffer for loud aircraft and traffic

Plants and trees that provide oxygen and clean the air of pollutants

* Habitat for birds and wildlife

* Watershed to reduce storm runoff, and prevent flooding

* Quiet Recreation areas

* Increases property values

* Urban Forest Education for young people

We see an absolute need for preserving one of the few remaining undeveloped county-owned land parcels in North DeKalb as a place to respect, appreciate and learn about the natural beauty and unique history of our area. This is especially critical as DeKalb County is the most densely developed county in the metro area, particularly the northern section.

The airport is a department of the county and does not own any property. Every acre of this land is owned by DeKalb County, and thereby the citizens of the county.

If the property is sold, every penny goes to the airport. The citizens will not receive any benefit to their lives and programs.

Join us at North DeKalb Greenspace Alliance to preserve this irreplaceable natural resource – your refuge in the big city, right outside your door. See our website and Facebook page, or email us at NDGA2015@gmail.com