Wednesday, Aug 3, 2016
Planning Commission vote
Dresden Apartment Development
(Tag office), 7pm City Hall

7/12/16 A final meeting with the Connolly team confirms the changes previously stated with no additional changes.  As with previous meetings the team is available for any questions or concerns from the community.  Contact information is at the end of the presentation included in this link: http://brookhavenpost.co/dresden-village-developers-release-revised-plan/41574/

* the number of Units are down to 194

* 4 story bldg on Dresden - stepped back 3 story on Caldwell with traditional townhome look

* driveway right out by residents only on Caldwell angled towards the curve and $2500 will be contributed to help reduce the turns on to Green Meadows

* pocket park added to the Caldwell side along the new restaurant

* two spots will be reserved for Uber along Dresden

Here is a link to the updated information that reflects the changes that have been made based on community input.  Their team has worked hard to try and come up with a plan that includes the feedback.  You should take a look at the new design located here: Dresden Village



Tuesday, July 26th
City Council vote   - Denial

The applicant will be able to come to City Council in 6 months to appeal to have the 24 month waiting period waved.  The community was able to make their case that it didn't fit as planned.  


The Planning Commission recommended denial for the project, the City Council meeting will be July 26th, at 7pm.


Wednesday, September 7th 

Planning Commission Vote


Marta has submitted their plans and intent for tax abatment to the city.  You can read more in the Brookhaven Post here: http://brookhavenpost.co/marta-files-application-for-brookhaven-tod-tax-abatement-sought/41699/    

or on the city website application here: 

Application: http://www.brookhavenga.gov/home/showdocument?id=4510

Letter of Intent: http://www.brookhavenga.gov/home/showdocument?id=4514

Site Plan: http://www.brookhavenga.gov/home/showdocument?id=4512

Community Meeting: 07/25/16 @ 5:30pm, Oglethorpe University, 4484 Peachtree Road

Mayor's Town Hall Meeting


Mayor Meets with HOAs 8am City Hall

Marta - Community Meeting

               5:30 Oglethorpe

City Council - Work Session 3:30 pm at City Hall
City Council - Regular Meeting 7:00 pm at City Hall

This is going to be a BUSY week!  The Brookhaven Post and the Brookhaven Reporter have been doing a great job of getting information out on all of these applications, Thanks!!!!.

This week the Connolly 206 apartment mixed use development at the Tag office -  Here is the link to that development: http://dresdenvillage.net/home/ 

and a link to the latest information on the Brookhaven Post: http://brookhavenpost.co/brookhaven-staff-approve-dresden-village-project-with-conditions/42127/

Marta has submitted their plans and will present to the Planning Commission on Sept 7th.. They feel that they have achieved a good balance and will be moving forward.  I strongly suggest that you attend this meeting to get a good description of the plan, while Marta has made changes they are aware that the community might want to see some additional tweaks and the Planning Commission meeting will be the last opportunity to voice support or opposition before the City Council vote..  Save the dates: planning commission on Sept 7th and city council on Sept 23rd.

Next up we have the 121 apartment mixed use development at the corner of Dresden and Appalachee Drive (next to Haven).  They have submitted and will be presenting to the city council on Wednesday, July 6th (wear red to the meeting if possible).  They have scheduled a community meeting for Thursday June 23, 7 pm, University Baptist Church Dresden and Fernwood, where the Farmers Market ison Saturday's.(the same night as the Town Hall again).  What has been submitted to the city is located here: http://www.brookhavenga.gov/home/showdocument?id=4426

Also this week:

Don't forget the fun stuff too!
Wednesday - Food Truck night at Blackburn Park

Friday -  Dive In Movie "Minions" at Briarwood Pool
Saturday - Farmers Market, University Baptist on Dresden

                    Star Wars The Force Awakens - Briarwood Park & Nerf Battle for 12 and under!!

It's a lot to keep up with and fit in to our busy lives but if you want to make sure that Brookhaven stays or becomes (depending on your opinion) what you want it to be, we need you to show up to the meetings and make sure your voice is heard!  
If you can, we need some volunteers to get flyers to every home in the affected areas about the upcoming meetings - if you can commit to passing them out on your block or more please contact me at info@wearebrookhavenga.com. 
Link to City Calendar:

Links to local papers: