For a number of years a small group of residents have been trying to find a better way for the city to communicate with the residents.  While there are many online options for information,  the City website, the Brookhaven Post, or  members of online groups, for the majority of the residents the information is not getting out.  With the recent explosion of growth and development challenges we decided it was time to take the information to the street - litterally and insure that the populus is informed.  The recent meetings with MARTA are very important to how Brookhaven will grow for the next 10-15 years and only a handful of residents were speaking for everyone (the A list according to one resident), so we decided to share the information with everyone we could reach via fliers and signs.  This website will be included in all fliers and signs to allow for more information to be shared in a centralized place.  We want to give every resident a voice in planning the future of Brookhaven, our home.

Who we are:

What We’re Doing

Current Developments (click on links for details)

We will be monitoring the City Calendar, media outlets and other sorces to identify meetings and issues that involve development in the area.  Or goal will be to share these details with you as soon as time permits and ask that you help by keeping your neighbors in the loop.   We are an army of 5 hoping to grow in to a much larger group to insure that everyone has a voice in the future of their city.